Corsi e Seminari

The Educational Training Plan is specific to each student, and enables for the deepening and completion of the scientific knowledge of the doctoral student by offering highly specialized courses, seminars and general courses on basic research tools and soft skills, as listed in the courses catalogue of the PhD school. Other courses (or parts thereof) made available by the faculties of the University or other universities, which support the student’s specific training plan and that have not been covered in previous training courses taken by the student, can be included in the Educational Training Plan.

Students can also take courses offered by other doctoral courses of the University of Padova or other universities. Seminars accepted for the Educational Training Plan may include specialist seminars appropriate for the student’s formation that are offered by other institutions, also outside an university.

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To visualize a summary of the Training Activities (A.A. 2021/22) please click here. In this link it is possible to obtain the information concerning how to fulfill the training requirements through the Individual Training Project.