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Finite element method32 hours 2021 October 18dettagli
Reactive Fluid Mechanics12 hours 2021 November 10dettagli
Bibliographical resources and research tools for industrial engineering6 hours 2021 December - 2022 Januarydettagli
Experimental Measurements in Thermal Fluid Dynamics12 hours 2022 January 18dettagli
Entrepreneurship and Technology-based Startups20 hours 2022 January 12dettagli
Yield Criteria for Polymer Materials8 hours 2022 February dettagli
Ecotoxicology as an heuristic approach to environmental engineering12 hours 2022 second semesterdettagli
Statistics for Engineers40 hours 2022 February 2nddettagli
Advanced methods for fatigue design8 hours 2022 February 18dettagli
Tutela della proprietà intellettuale18 hours 2022 Februarydettagli
Optimization Methods for Sustainable Energy Technologies in Buildings16 hours 2022 Februarydettagli
Technologies for Boosting Energy Efficiency and Spreading Renewable Plants20 hours 2022 March 4dettagli
Sustainable Energy in Buildings12 hours 2022 March-Aprildettagli
Short overview on ceramic materials for energy applications - thermoelectricity and H2 separation10 hours 2022 March-Aprildettagli
Introduction to Numerical Methods for Unsteady Gasdynamics8 hours 2022 March-Aprildettagli
Collaborative robotics: the future of smart manufacturing8 hours 2022 second semesterdettagli
Technological Advancements in Electromobility8 hours 2022 May 17dettagli
Coupled electrical-thermal-structural Finite Element Analyses12 hours 2022 June 8dettagli
Green Chemistry and Technology14 hours 2022 June dettagli
Vibration Energy Harvesting8 hours 2022 June dettagli
Research and Entrepreunership: from scientific papers and IP to startup creation24 hours 2022 June-Julydettagli
Powder Flowability8 hours 2022 Julydettagli
Eco-informed Materials Choice12 hours 2022 July 11dettagli
Life Cycle Assessment: fundamentals and applications12 hours 2022 September 9dettagli