Chemical and Environmental Engineering


Curriculum Coordinator: prof. Andrea Claudio Santomaso



Chemical reaction engineering, process systems engineering, processes and plants for the production of alternative fuels, safety and risk analysis engineering, biological chemical engineering, particle technology, specialty chemical syntheses, environmental chemical engineering, polymer chemical engineering, sustainable solid waste management and resource recovery, quality and water treatment.

 In order to have further information on a specific research project and topic, please contact directly the people specified in the tables below

Research topicContact personContact email address
Process dynamics and controlBAROLO
Process monitoring and statistical process control; process chemometrics; data analysisBAROLO Massimiliano BEZZO
Development of Quality-by-Design approaches for the food and pharmaceutical industriesBAROLO Massimiliano
BEZZO Fabrizio
Development of large-scale cultivation of microalgae and cyanobacteria for biofuel productionBERTUCCO
Economic and environmental design and optimization of bioenergy and biofuel production systemsBEZZO
Modeling, control and optimization of microalgae growth for production of fuels and chemicalsBEZZO
Physiological modeling and clinical test design in health careBEZZO Fabrizio
BAROLO Massimiliano
Thermal and catalytic conversion of biomass and waste materialsCANU
Catalysts and reactors for sustainable process chemistryCANU
Microkinetics & CFD of multiphase reactorsCANU
Sustainable landfillingCOSSU Raffaello
Alternative indeces for the stability of biodegradable wasteCOSSU
Recycling of food waste by production of secondary productsCOSSU
Biological production of Hidrogen from different waste biomassCOSSU Raffaello
Luca Alibardi
Wastewater treatment by Anaerobic Membrane SystemsCOSSU Raffaello
Luca Alibardi
Phytoremediation by using energy cropsCOSSU Raffaello
Maria Cristina Lavagnolo
High-throughput cell reprogramming for development of human tissue in vitro modelsELVASSORE
Development of a microfluidic drug screening system for hepatic and cardiac toxicityELVASSORE
Combinatorial microfluidic-assisted production of clinical-grade myogenic precursorsELVASSORE
Risk Assessment in Oil & Gas Industries MASCHIO
Application of the techniques of risk assessment in the Green ChemistryMASCHIO
Modeling of the experimental data of release of carbon dioxide in carbon capture and storage systemsMASCHIO
Integrated Calorimetric techniques in the analysis of highly reactive systems MASCHIO
Graphene-based polymer nanocompositesMODESTI
Electrospun membranes for environmetal applications (air/water filtration, gas separation)MODESTI Michele
Environmental friendly polymeric foams with improved fire behaviourMODESTI Michele
Nanoengineered scaffols for biomedical applicationsMODESTI Michele
ROSO Martina
Water resources managementPALMERI
Water quality monitoring and modelingPALMERI
Diffuse pollution and eutrophicationPALMERI
Treatment wetlandsPALMERI
Ecological modelingPALMERI
Enviromental Impact Assessment and Decision Support ToolsPALMERI
Air dispersion modelingPALMERI
Monitoring and modeling the environmental impact of odoursPALMERI
Soil bioengineering, ecological engineeringPALMERI
In situ aeration of old landfillsRAGA
Landfill mining for recovery of materials and remediation of old landfillsRAGA
Ecotoxicological aspects in compostingRAGA Roberto
Alberto Pivato
Mechanics of granular materials and powder flowabilitySANTOMASO
Size enlargement by wet agglomerationSANTOMASO
Mixing of solids and segregation phenomenaSANTOMASO
Life Cycle Assessment of products and organizationsSCIPIONI Antonio
Sustainability metrics and AssessmentSCIPIONI Antonio
Carbon, Water and Environmental FootprintingSCIPIONI Antonio
Integration of Environmental Risk Assessment and Life Cycle Assessment approachesSCIPIONI Antonio
Materials for CO 2 captureSTRUMENDO
High temperature CO 2 capture reactor design and scale upSTRUMENDO
High temperature thermochemical conversion processesSTRUMENDO
Carbon neutral synthetic fuelsSTRUMENDO
Microstructural aspects of gas-solid non-catalytic reaction kineticsSTRUMENDO