Energy Engineering


Curriculum Coordinator prof. Anna Stoppato



Thermo-fluid dynamics of single and two phase systems, energy saving in refrigeration and industrial processes, solar energy conversion, environmental control and building physics, analysis and optimization of complex systems, fluid machines, internal combustion engines, air propulsion.

In order to have further information on a specific research project and topic, please contact directly the people specified in the tables below.

Research topicContact personContact email address
Single and multi-objective population-based heuristic optimization algorithmsARDIZZON Guido
Compressor and turbine aerodynamicsBENINI
Turbomachinery Blade OptimizationBENINI
Wind Turbine aerodynamicsBENINI
Computational Fluid DynamicsBENINI
Helicopter theory and performanceBENINI
Gas turbine performanceBENINI
Infrared Thermography applied to Non-Destructive EvaluationBISON Paolo
Thermophysical properties measurement by photothermal methodsBISON
Pumped-storage Hydro Power Plan (PSP) Design and short term operation Optimization CAVAZZINI Giovanna
Design and optimization of Organic Rankine Cycles (ORC)CAVAZZINI Giovanna
Low and medium temperature geothermal energyDE CARLI
Energy efficiency in buildings and nZEBDE CARLI
Radiant heating and cooling in buildingsDE CARLI
Two-phase heat transfer in microchannelsDEL COL
Steam condensation over superhydrophobic surfacesDEL COL
Sunlight absorbers using carbon nanohorn-based nanofluidsDEL COL
Direct steam generation in solar concentratorsDEL COL
Analysis and control of noise in HVAC systemsDI BELLA
Room acoustics and noise control in buildingsDI BELLA
Energy systems design and off-design modelling, simulation and optimization taking into account environmental and economic constraints (with main focus on Organic Rankine Cycles using low to medium temperature heat sources, and solar systems)LAZZARETTO
Design, simulation and testing of turbomachinery (with special attention to fans and expanders)LAZZARETTO
Design and simulation of industrial combustorsLAZZARETTO
Fluid-dynamic modelling of isothermal and reactive flows for the analyses of thermal energy transfer and thermo-acoustic phenomenaLAZZARETTO
Design and off-design analyses and testing of internal combustion enginesLAZZARETTO
Design of axial-flow and cross-flow fansLAZZARETTO Andrea
MASI Massimo
Seasonal ice storage with heat pumpLAZZARIN Renato
NORO Marco
Advanced refrigerated rack for ITLAZZARIN Renato
NORO Marco
Geothermal heat pumpsLAZZARIN Renato
NORO Marco
PCM storage improvementLAZZARIN Renato
NORO Marco
Energy and climate policiesLORENZONI Arturo
Energy marketsLORENZONI Arturo
operation of internal combustion engines with alternative fuelMASI
Heat and moisture transfer in porous insulating materialsMORO Lorenzo
Wind Turbines (Vertical and Horizontal) Design, Optimization and TestsPAVESI Giorgio
Pump Design, Optimization and TestsPAVESI Giorgio
Hydro Turbine Design, Optimization and TestsPAVESI Giorgio
Dynamic Behaviour of Reversible Pump Turbines PAVESI Giorgio
Influence of the operation strategies of power plants on their maintenance problems and residual lifeSTOPPATO Anna
Dynamic models to evaluate transient behaviour of power plants during cyclic operationSTOPPATO Anna
Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of fossil and renewable energy conversion systems STOPPATO Anna
Waste heat recovery technologiesSTOPPATO Anna
Optimum design and management of energy systems with energy storageSTOPPATO Anna
Condensation and vaporization in/on microgeometriesROSSETTO
Heat transfer and pressure drop during air flow in/on microgeometriesROSSETTO
Energy efficiency and indoor environmental quality of buildingsZECCHIN
Innovative heating and air conditioning systemsZECCHIN
Thermophysical properties and heat transfer processes of refrigerants (HFO)ZILIO
Advanced solutions for thermal control of avionic componentsZILIO
Nanofluids heat transferZILIO